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Metallic Tipped Lash Trays

Metallic Tipped Lash Trays


Brand new product to hit the U.S. market. Metallic tipped lashes.

Have you ever heard of cat-eye gel for your nail services? Well now you can offer that same service to your clients, but for their eyelash extensions. The newest technology on the market since March 2024.

Offer your clients a new service for color, and bring your lashing game to a new level. perfect for just a pop of color or a full set needing that suttle WOW factor.


All colors come in CC curl, 0.07 , 8mm-15mm

*please note that product pictures are taken in extremely bright intense white lighting so as to show the ombre effect. Product will actually be more metallic and subtle in natural lighting. Please refer to our Instagram for video and photos of product in more subtle lighting*

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