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Eyelash Extension Training

Most lash training classes are offered as a one day or if you’re lucky a two-day lash course. Those feeble 1-day courses will only train you on classic sets. Our eyelash extension course consists of five full days of comprehensive product knowledge with hands-on training in all sets including learning how to make a handmade fan for mixed and volume sets.

Financing is available for all courses. Contact us at or text us at (360)977-0396


Kendra Faletagoai, WA

“I was trained by Hanna to get certified to do lash extensions. I had a great time. She helped me feel comfortable as soon as I walked in the door. She had patience, amazing knowledge in not only lash extensions but also owning a business in general and is the sweetest human being. I would highly recommend."

Ngoc Nguyen, OR

"I am so happy I found Hanna as my lash trainer. She showed me so many things about lashes and also a lot of  business things that I needed help with."

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